Parkrigg Ltd
Forestry, Land & Moorland Management

Catering for all your  Requirements in the Scottish Highlands

Parkrigg Ltd

We offers a range of comprehensive and initiative packages to all types of land owners, agents and tenants, in the Scottish Highlands.  From Caithness to Inverness shire and beyond.
Regardless of how big or small your estate, forest or property is, we endeavour to provide the best possible services so that you achieve the most viable options for your property.

Woodland Establishment

Woodland Creation
Woodland Management

Forestry Fencing
Wildlife and habitat surveys  

Agricultural protection .

Muirburning programmes along with experienced teams to carry out controlled burning.

Advice and support on forest management and how to achieve the best returns on sustainable commercial and native forests.

Forestry/woodland protection, along with establishing new and re stock woodlands providing all relevant management and disciplines ie mounding,  straight planting along with tube and stake, chemical/hand weeding,  pesticide application,  fertilizing, construction of forest roads / paths /tracks and bridges.

We can also manage vermin control on the land to protect the trees, livestock and habitat.